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Ludus, Your Own Worst Enemy music video, HD 1080p, Canon 5d Mark II from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

“Your Own Worst Enemy” is about a swallowed soul and a stolen motorcycle…of course it is because what else do Demons do on their day off?

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Location: Magnuson Park
Canon Lenses: Ef 35mm f/1.4L, Ef 24mm f/1.4L II, Canon Ef 50mm f/1.2L and the Ef 70-200mm f/4L

Fishing Scene from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

Emerald City’s nostalgic fishing scene.

Ben and Grants TV Spot HD (VISUAL CUT) from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

Customize your car’s sound system, body, wheels, interiors, accessories, screens and much more at BEN AND GRANTS AUTO WORKS.

Buduburam Jeans Commercial from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

TV Commercial for Point Hope’s Buduburam Jeans.

Arcane Comics & More TV Spot from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

TV spot for Arcane Comics & More in association with DC Comics.

Canon 5D Mark II HD video Handheld Test from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II movie mode test; handheld and natural light.

Windows 7 & Jolkona: 7 Ways To Change The World from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

I think this is a great example, showcasing my quality of work in strict time constraints…I had half a day to direct, shoot and edit this spot for the Jolkona Foundation.

Jolkona Foundation seeks to inspire a new generation of philanthropists to make high-impact changes through low-cost technology solutions. They partner with various grass-roots development agencies around the world and provide “micro-donation” options on their website– each attached to a tangible proof of impact you can see!

Emerald City HD from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

A musician relates to his friends a vision that encompasses the most important events in his life and culminates in his demise.

Emerald City has been to:
Seattle True Independent Film Festival (Award)
The Short Film Corner 2008 Festival De Cannes
Swansea Bay Film Festival
The Iñigo Film Festival
Black Earth Film Festival
16th Raindance Film Festival
Vacant Era Film Festiva
Action/Cut Film Festival (Award)
Reel Time Film Festival (Award)

To find out more about Crooked Lake Productions and their work check out:

Listeners© from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

After losing his job, Percy Shilling turns his uneventful life into a fantasy world by following the story from an abnormal audio book. As his obsession with the story grows, the lines between fiction and reality dim and he believes killing is his appropriate path.

Greensleeves from Crooked Lake Productions on Vimeo.

Greensleeves, was Crooked Lake’s entry in “The Seattle 48 Hour Film Project” competition.

The 48 Hour Film Project was a wild and sleepless weekend where our team, Lake House, made a movie—wrote, shot, cut and scored it—in just 48 hours.

On Friday night, we received a character, Kristy Brown (Illustrator,) a prop, suit tie, a line of dialogue, “Wrong, guess again.” And a genre, Fantasy. all to include in our movie. 48 hours later, we completed Greensleeves.

The Judges Spoke!
Greensleeves won two awards.

Best Musical Score
“Greensleeves” by Lake House

Audience Award Winner:
“Greensleeves” by Lake House

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