The world of Tron Legacy

Steven Lisberger, director of the original Tron, chops it up with Henry Jenkins, (Mr. Convergence Culture) about science fiction cinema and transmedia entertainment.
Tron will always be a personal film to me; put the camp and dated refrences aside, Lisberger and his Disney team created a film that predicted the future and changed filmmaking… ask PIXAR. Tron had an exciting and educational narrative that maintained the focus of ten year-olds across America.

Lisberger shares his experiences in making Tron and how the new film Tron Legacy, reintroduces the characters, their world, and their stories to a generation of newbies. The original Tron was a film that talked to people who would become part of a digital culture. The sequel Tron Legacy will be communicating directly to the culture its precursor foresaw. Legacy is reported to be a self sustaining film by itself and a worthy sequel for the diehard fans. The following is a series of videos documenting the conversations between Steven Lisberger and Henry Jenkins.

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