Stills from the STIFF Music Video FILM CHALLENGE

I spent last weekend running around Magnuson Park with multiple Canon 5Ds, a METAL band and the Bringer of Death. What could brew such a lethal concoction you ask? Well That’s easy The STIFF Music Video Film Challenge of course.

“The STIFF Music Video Challenge is a collaborative film project where filmmaking teams compete to put together the best music video over a 2 week period. It kicks off on Friday, April 30th 2010 and ends on May 16th, 2010. The focus this year will be to have each team create an original music video. You must have permission from the musician to use their music.” – Seattle True Independent Film Festival

Below are some stills from our shoot.

The drummer rocking out on top of Kite Hill.

Demon Colin hitching a ride.

The band.

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