Phoenix Rising – Behind the scenes of Phoenix Falling

The happy and tired crew members of Phoenix Falling, it’s a wrap!

The following video is a short documentary showcasing the making of Phoenix Falling; a short narrative produced by the students of the University of Washington Independent Filmmaking Program. I wrote the script for Phoenix Falling as a prologue to a longer film. My Narrative class chose it as one of the three scripts to move into production, Phoenix ultimately was chosen to be shot on 16mm film. I had an amazing time working on the camera crew and was given the opportunity to be one of the two Directors of Photography. This making of doc was produced by Raymond Ash and shot on multiple Flip Ultra HD cameras at Microsoft Studios in Redmond. As quoted while draining the remaining contents of an Old English 40 oz, Mr. Ash said. “Big ups to the UW kids for giving the green light and enduring multiple cameras in their faces while they worked like dogs getting this film done in a mere two days.”

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