My Crypticon Schedule

The Crypticon Seattle Horror Convention is here!
June 18th, 19th & 20th – 2010
Holiday Inn, Downtown Everett 3105 Pine Street Everett, WA 98201

Hi Gang!
If you’re not doing anything super special this weekend come hang out with me at the Crypticon. The following is a small schedule of events I plan on attending. I have never been to the Crypticon before so I don’t know what to expect but from the CryptiSite it looks like the Horror convention has an all-star lineup and a block of interesting panels that should make for a ghouling good time.

Friday June 18th
6:00 PM Everett Ballroom 3 Horror Magazines worth a Read or Submission
Industry veterans offer advice for the places to find or submit short horror stories.
Nick MamatasCody GoodfellowF. Paul WilsonJenna M. PitmanAngel McCoy

7:00 PM Hoyt Room 1 Horror Screenwriting
Writing a good horror movie is a challenge. Learn to avoid the clichés and have a fun time getting your vision on paper
F. Paul WilsonJohn SkippJason HawkinsK.L. Young

8:00 PM Hoyt Room 1 Music and Mayhem
The soundtrack can help set the mood for an entire scene.  With its help you can instill a sense of terror, humor, confusion or just about any other emotion within your audience. In this presentation you will see some classic horror scenes to illustrate in detail how a few scant notes can change everything.
Mars HomeworldSean “The Butcher” SmithsonChris Alexander

9:00 PM Hoyt Room 1 Publishing and Editing
How to get started as a successful writer, publisher, or editor in the horror genre
Rose O’KeefeNick Mamatas, James R Beach

Saturday June 19th
11:00 PM Everett Ballroom 1 Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man
Jason V. BrockWilliam F. Nolan

1:00 PM Hoyt Room 1 Book Signing: The Bleeding Edge
William F. NolanCody GoodfellowS.T. JoshiJason V. Brock

Hoyt Room 2 GOIN TO CAMP
Join Sleepaway Camp star Felissa Rose for a live audio commentary as she answers questions and pays tribute to the classic slasher film. Joining her on commentary are Shannon Flowers from Seattle Geekly as well as Celene Ramadan and Steve Lange of The Beta Society. A one-of-a-kind presentation not to be missed by any Sleepaway Camp fan. Commentary will be followed by a Q&A session.
Felissa Rose, The Beta SocietySeattle Geekly

2:00 PM Rucker Room 1 Reading
Nick Mamatas
2:30 William F. Nolan

3:00 PM Everett Ballroom 3 Margot Kidder Interview
Jen Seaman

6:00 PM Hoyt Room 1 How do the Books go to the Movies?!
You really want your author to get that break so you can see their work on the big screen and they can start making the big bucks.  But how is that done and why don’t more of them do it?  And once the process starts how come so many movies are so DIFFERENT than the book that made them possible? That’s what we are here to explain.  Directors and authors explain the process of getting words from paper to screen; the excitement, the honor, the frustration and the joy.
John SkippWilliam F. NolanF. Paul Wilson S.G. Browne

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