Go Viral or Go Home

A little while back I was given the opportunity to produce a line of viral videos for California Pacific Federal Credit Union. The requirements were pretty straight forward – shoot it on a flip Video UltraHD, spoof popculture and sell the Credit Union. It is very important to CalPac that the material looks like a no-budget production so the story could read credibly to a YouTube audience and inspire viewers to make their own videos for CalPac with their own handy-cams. I said yes because it complemented the mission statement I developed for hdillasflip, my personal experimental flip videos. “Create interesting angles, images, stories, locations and interviews with influential characters without being distracted by production value, industry statutes and the critic’s eye. Use only the camera; no third party audio recording or lighting setups. Push the camera to its limit and walk outside of your comfort zone.” Since we started the California Pacific Federal Credit Union campaign, I produced two spots and am looking at a line of many more.

Andrew Rivers and Royce "Fooray" Southerland LOST in the CalPacFCU Viral Video

Our last spot was a parody of the “stranded on an island” narratives, including Lost, Cast Away, Shipwrecked, Gilligan’s Island, etc. Local comedian and son of top KZOK radio host, Bob Rivers, Andrew Rivers guest starred in the spot. Andrew displayed a great example of the power of viral marketing. Andrew told his dad about the video, went on the Bob Rivers Show and gave the video a shout out, and now the video is being showcased on the front page of BobRivers.com. You can check out the video here or at BobRivers.com.  Keep the viral train moving and repost the link on your sites; show us that word of mouth is still the best advertisement out there.

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