A Dose Of Inspiration: Erykah Badu Risked Being Charged for Indecent Exposure.

Erykah Badu risked being charged for indecent exposure after shooting her new video Window Seat.

On March 17th, Texas’s queen of soul-hop got buc’neked on a public street where former president Kennedy was assassinated. Her exposed production was a guerilla video for her recent single Window Seat. The footage of her stripping while walking the terrain of Dealey Plaza was captured in one take. Erykah Badu released her viral video last Saturday. Last Sunday, Badu published her testiomony with a series of tweets on her twitter page, @fatbellybella.

The following statements are quoted from Badu’s twitter account.

I was petrified while shooting this video … but liberation began to set in. I conquered many fears in that few moments,

After last action, we ran like hell! lol,

Throughout the video families are caught in the background. Badu said that she prayed the children who were there were not traumatized. She said, Families and other spectators were yelling things such as “This is a public place!” “You ought to be ashamed!” and “Put your clothes on.”

People in the video were trying to ignore her as she got down and dirty, except for one man who followed and snatched up her clothes…Someone is making a pretty mint on eBay right now. At the end of the Window Seat video, after an audible gun shot, Erykah Badu falls to the ground at the same spot where Kennedy was killed. Digital blue pours from her head wound and spells out groupthink.

Groupthink is the unwritten rule that states; I will not express my true opinion if it opposes those I love and fear. I volunteer to censor me, Badu wrote on Twitter.

The city of dallas was unaware of Badu’s plans to shoot the video, it was shot without a permit. Badu’s creative team used one take so they could grab their footage and get the hell out. Apparently Dallas police said they do not plan on filing charges against Badu unless a witnesses came forward.

To watch the video click the following link, then click the Ankh at the top for the Window Seat music video.
Watch Window Seat

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