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The Making of An American Terror

With an undisclosed budget, a 30 person crew made up of 98% Coloradans and a three week shooting schedule, Haylar Garcia’s American Terror took on Denver by becoming one of Colorado’s most well known horror films. “It’s my grim fantasy about what I wish would have happened BEFORE Columbine.” Says Mr. Garcia, writer and director of American Terror. Here’s how it was made. Continue reading

Indie Webcomic August 2013

Many unexpected things can happen when you’re in the field shooting a film. Check out what the ‪#‎indiewebcomic‬ film crew encountered during their last production, in the August issue of Indie Webcomic! Love Indie Webcomic? Want to read more? Peep the library at http://indiewebcomic.com/ Show some love and share this post with your network! Continue reading