Hdillasflip, July 22nd, 2009
I bought this tiny video camera called flip the other day, it’s a very basic point and shoot camera. It doesn’t take professional quality footage, it has a low bit rate for its HD frame and there are no manual settings. It has the capacity to capture audio and good imagery. Its main purpose is designed for streaming media…it is a camera that shoots for the web and I love it!

This pocket-sized camcorder has changed my point of view. I work with professional videos on a daily basis. In my day job at crookedlp quality takes a predominant seat; we produce things designed to sell and entertain. So when I come home and rest my hat, the flip offers a fun, creative world where all rules can and should be broken. Something I would never do in the field is encouraged when I put the flip in my hand. The funny thing is I feel like flip strengthens me as a video producer, it challenges me to try new things and see how far I can take it. This may sound weird, but I feel like with the flip as my tool I get to explore and even expand my boundaries as an artist. Whatever new things I discover with the flip I can stash in my memory banks and find fancy ways to incorporate them in my industry videos. Things such as interesting angles, images, innovative story ideas, intriguing locations and interviews with influential characters can all be recorded to my flip diary from the convenience of my pocket.


I don’t mean to sound like an infomercial; needless to say I am quite addicted to its experimental methods… I think it may trump the iPhone for Dilla’s favorite toy and I find the word toy fitting because I feel like a child would when he explores the cardboard campus of a refrigerator box; this device inspires me. I can compose a video diary entry of just about anything at any time. I can take it scouting with me, use it to record notes, set up storyboards, and capture thoughts and moments. It is a brilliant pre-production tool that makes a filming set much more organized and comfortable for our multi-thousand dollar cameras to come in and do work.

Because of this I have manifested a new YouTube channel hdillasflip outside of Crooked Lake’s channel crookedlakeprod. The flip video will be my companion for the next year or so as I plan to capture and upload daily routines and new experiences to my channel as a way of logging and documentation. Sometimes these sequences from my life will be edited; sometimes they will just be raw clips from something I deemed as intriguing or fun. I suspect that most logs will be under a minute and won’t exceed five minutes. I don’t plan to upload every day, but I will commit to a biweekly period and I promise that everything uploaded there will be from the flip’s perspective, so I can share my new found points of view with you.

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My latest flip video…