Jack and Shiny – Should I pitch it to PIXAR?

The following manuscript is documented from a Google Chat conversation had between my girlfriend Natalie and I. Together, with the help of our dog Jack and a fish named Shiny, we manifested a story of epic proportions.  And folks, we may have an award winner on our hands! What do you think, should I pitch it to PIXAR?

3:27 PM
me: Jack needs a brother.

Natalie: Maybe after we move.


me: Then I guess we’re getting a goldfish.

3:29 PM
Natalie: Sure.

I always feel bad for goldfishies though…

me: Shiny the gold fish; Jack’s little brother.

Natalie: Until Jack eats it. 😉 But why Shiny?

me: Because goldfish are shiny, silly.

3:30 PM
me: I feel bad for goldfish too…fish bowls are way too small. We’ll get Shiny a huge tank, a pool even! So Jack can swim with Shiny.

They’ll be best friends.

We’ll make a movie about Jack and Shiny’s loving brother relationship.

3:31 PM
It will make audiences across the world cry from the cuteness overload that a movie about the friendship between a dog and a fish has.

And then we’ll all get Oscars.

Natalie: Even Jack.

3:32 PM
James Franco can do the voice of Jack.

Michael Cera will play Shiny.

3:33 PM
…I thought it was a good story.

3:35 PM
Natalie: OMG!!! It’s brilliant

lets make it tonight

me: OK.

Natalie: did you get your timesheet in today?

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