Digital Cook

My first introduction to Digital Kitchen was when I was 16. I was watching the Six Feet Under pilot and remember being inspired by the opening title sequence. I loved how visuals moved with the music and how much the shots, both practical and digital, complemented the theme of the show. What amazed me even more was how the show’s opening images managed to tell me a story with absolutely no dialogue; the digital medium orchestrated emotions and kept me wanting more. I watched every episode of the series and to this day I feel like the title sequence was one of the best parts and by far my favorite creative opening with True Blood’s sequence taking a close second. By the end of the pilot I knew what I wanted to do with my life; make recipes, fry up compositions and cook up stuff from scratch.

Making Stuff from scratch.

CL Feature: DK’s True Blood – The Making Of from Creative League Team on Vimeo.

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  3. Thank you for the biblical reminders and your example to me of how to honor mothers. Your teaching by example (even though often from a distance) has had a huge impact on me in many areas of my life.

  4. Mi-au ramas cativa, asa cum si eu am ramas catorva. Nu-i numar, pentru ca numarul in sine nu-mi mai spune nimic in raport cu calitatea prezentei lor.Exista un fel de legatura speciala intre noi si acum spun ca ea va exista dincolo de orice.M-am tot gandit in ultimul timp la posibilitatea ca oamenii intra in viata noastra cu un scop, iar cand acesta e atins, ei pleaca mai departe pe drumul lor. Asta ar insemna ca nu exista nimic pentru totdeauna. Adevarul e ca nu stiu, probabil ca voi afla la sfarsitul vietii mele. Ca sa glumesc putin, o sa revin atunci cu un comentariu 🙂

  5. Hi Helen! Can’t believe you didn’t win the Well Fed Award! 🙁 I love your blog and have been a fan for a few years now. Oh well, there’s always next year right? 🙂

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