Counting Cards

I have been experiencing a lot of positive changes; primarily working at a new job that I love, shooting personal projects on new equipment, teaching myself new workflows and meeting new people. I guess it’s safe to say, everything is new. Because of this I am inspired to develop a fresh brand for my creative alter-ego…personally, I don’t think anything screams brand like a new business card! With the help of two very different artists I present to you the power of choice. Help me decide which one of these new business cards will line my wallet. Which card is your favorite; the grungy cigarette burn or the minimalist filmstrip? Leave a comment to pick a card, any card.

The “cigarette burn” will print on a clear plastic card. The effect will make the negative space transparent.

The “minimalist filmstrip” will print on a thick matted white card like a Warhol canvas.

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25 Responses to Counting Cards

  1. Susan Baranoff says:

    I vote for the 2nd one — my Dad was a graphics designer and as far as he was concerned cleaner is better and I agree. It has style, people with money will identify with it, and best of all you can read it quickly and easily. If you want to be respected as an adult with a day job chose #2.

    Love you,
    Cousin Su

  2. raymond says:

    The first one, hands down. It grabs the eye and makes you stand out. The second one is way to generic. I’m all for simple and clean. But bland isn’t what you want to make folks think of when they think of you.

  3. Rayvin says:

    I would say go with #1. The idea behind it is artistic. If you going for the Artsy side to it all The fact that you have something that is going to spark interest in you, i think from a buisness stand point is better. I have seen so many normal card and they dont stick in the mind. The ones like your idea for the first one. Would stay with my memory. Its creative.

  4. Richelle says:

    I have to vote #1 grunge… The 2nd option looks too familiar – as in ‘Where have I seen that before?’ If you’re looking for an image that will scream ‘Henry,’ the last thing you want is a rerun graphic.

  5. Nate says:

    Your phone number & email (nor ‘film and video production’) are not legible on the first comp. And shouldn’t your email be like bigntall, hdilla, sirhenry, or other…

  6. Sally says:

    I think #1 is a grabber, much more interesting and exciting than 2, which is pretty prosaic.

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