Convergence of Film & Video, Canon 5D Mark II (thoughts and tips)

The other day I went to a still and video convergence panel at Pravda Studios. The discussion host was Mike Gurley, a technical representative for Canon camera. Gurley talked about the convergence of technology with Digital SLR still cameras, HD Camcorders, and accessories that expand shooting rigs and software packages. Pravda Studios and Canon provided an exciting and inspirational discussion about bridging the gap between photographers and cinematographers and showcased the Canon 5D Mark II as their primary example. The all-star panelists included:

Joshua Trujillo, Visual journalist
Kevin Cruff, Still Photographer and DP
Casey Warren, Cinematographer, Mindcastle
Bob Peterson, Still Photographer and DP
Stephen Mcgehee, Director of Photography
John Jeffcoat, Director of Photography
Marty Oppenheimer, Owner, Oppenheimer Camera Products

And some of the topics discussed were:

1. The convergence of Film/Video and Still Photography in the Professional Imaging Market and the technology
2. Video in the marketplace and some of the problems, opportunities and techniques.
3. A brief presentation on the basics of video concepts, technology and terminology. which includes both Canon and non-Canon manufacturers.
4. Examples of Video shot with DSLR cameras from panelists.

I learned so much at this panel and was very glad that I had my flip video Ultra HD with me to document notes and share some interesting tidbits, problems and remedies, guerilla techniques and overall knowledge about the future of filmmaking. The following videos are some highlights from the Convergence of Film & Video panel, please enjoy and leave some feedback.

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