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Update: The I AM PORTICO Campaign Wins Gold!

The I AM PORTICO video campaign that I have been producing just won GOLD in the Online Video category at the annual Colorado PRSA Awards on Thursday, May 9th. The event celebrated Denver’s top PR agencies and teams, honoring the most creative communication plans and strategies from 2012. The I AM PORTICO videos were judged on content, creativity, technical excellence/quality and results.


Henry McComas with PRSA Colorado president Kim Sporrer.

I Am Portico Checkered_aThe I AM PORTICO campaign was designed to engage Portico members and prospects by introducing the Escapists (Portico’s service team) in a behind-the-scenes environment. The campaign consists of a series of 60-second featurettes that highlight the Escapists and their experiences in and out of the office. Through a cinematic documentary style of filmmaking, Escapists tell personal narratives about their service experiences that connect with members and motivate them to pick up the phone. The videos merge with the member via social feeds, emails and YouTube.

The Escapists are professional vacation planners whose job it is to make sure their allotted members escape from their daily routine and slip into something a little more tropical, or rustic, or metropolitan; whatever their flavor of vacation is, the Escapist gets you there without the worry and struggle. I AM PORTICO tears away at the question, “How does one develop a relationship with a stranger?” By showing the member/prospect that when you join Portico, you don’t just earn an Escapist, you gain a friend that is experienced in traveling and ready to listen to your needs.

When you watch the I AM PORTICO campaign, you’ll learn about perennials in a botanist’s garden and experience the sunrise from the horizon of the Red Rocks Amphitheater. You’ll learn how to prepare a delicate yet fulfilling vegetarian soufflé while hearing which vacation destinations are the best for foodies. An adventurous mechanic will teach you about the most exciting places to travel while restoring his motorcycle from the seventies. A lover of trains will take you on Canyon City tour through the vehicle of a scenic locomotive while he also shows you that sometimes getting to your destination is just as fun as the residence itself. A volunteer at the Denver Zoo will point out that Africa isn’t the only place you can discover a monkey in the tree. But most importantly, you’ll learn that Portico is about luxury vacations, and the Escapists are experienced planners who love their job so much that they become the soul of the brand.

All I AM PORTICO VIDEOS were produced, written, shot and edited by Henry McComas. They were shot on Canon HDSLRs, with Canon L series lenses, recorded with Rode and Sennheiser microphones and edited on Apple computers using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Suite CS6.

Colorado video producer, Henry Darrow McComas is currently producing commercials at Portico by Exclusive Resorts in Denver, Colorado. He is on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Film and Video Association and serves as the Communications Committee Chairperson. He is also the founder and owner of Crooked Lake Productions, a Colorado video production company. His work includes the production of numerous short films, commercials, viral marketing campaigns, non-profit charity spots, music videos, webcomics and video game trailers.

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