Final Cut Pro X Color Correction Key Commands

I’ve started playing with FCPX a lot more as of lately…I like to check in on the major updates and stay current with most nonlinear editing systems as the industry evolves. There used to be a time where there was one alpha NLE but now you have to find the right tool for the job as opposed to finding one tool that will work for all jobs. I’ve been applying focus on FCPX and its color correction capabilities and thought I would keep an updated list of the things I discover. Keep in mind these notes are coming from an editor who primarily uses FCP7, Avid and Premier Pro. I must admit though; I have been pleasantly surprised by FCPX, primarily as a coloring tool. Below is a list of key commands that I find most useful when color correcting footage.

Final Cut Pro X Color Correction Key Commands
S enables and disables skimming
Command 4 open inspector
Command 6 access color board
Command 7 access video scopes
Command 5 open effects browser
Option Command B for balance
Option Command M for match color
Shift Z snaps all the clips in the timeline back into viewable area
Control Command C activates color pane
Control Command S activates saturation pane
Control Command E activates  exposure pane
Option G new compound clip
Control V show video animation
Option Command V paste effects

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