Nightmare on Wright Street

Americans live in a complicated time where battles fought in different countries feel like different worlds. The barrier between communication and comprehension is large; propaganda is displayed repetitively to create fear and embed symbolic images into your head through out the day. When you get the chance to break away from the work force and SUV your way back home there should be one thing on your mind- relaxation. Your neighborhood provides security packaged in a comfortable, nostalgic type wrapping. Just when you think you might want something more than the suburban lifestyle (a spoon full of adventure with your dose of two creams and three sugars) darkness moves in.

What do you get when you take the intensity of Wes Craven’s “Last House on the Left” and mix it into the cookie cutter neighborhood of Joe Dante’s “the Burbs?” “Wright Street,” an independent feature produced in Bellingham by Washington’s up and coming creative team, Mike Watne, Royce Clemens and Joel O’Connor.

Producer and actor Joel O’Connor says, “Wright Street is an examination of suburban living and how it can be thrown into chaos when someone unwelcome moves into town. The story touches upon themes of justice, retribution, vigilantism, trust, self-worth and deception. Mike Watne was tired of all of his friends and colleagues talking about that mythical some day when he would direct his own feature film and decided to turn that some day into today. He called upon the writing talents of Royce Clemens and asked me to be the producer. I said ‘hell yes’ and quickly reminded him of my acting tallents too.”

Editor’s note:

I had a chance to read some of Joel’s work a while back and quickly became a fan. He has always been suportive of Crooked Lake and creative people, so getting the chance to see one of his projects is exciting.

Wright Street premiers tonight at:

PICKFORD CINEMA, 1416 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA

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