During the scriptwriting process I like to play make-believe…not just with characters and scenarios but with budgets and tools. As long as the story is being developed between creator and keyboard I believe that money and other real world restraints should never convolute the waters of creativity and distract a budding movie from its most important component, the story. Let the producer tell us what can’t be done but have the writer reaffirm anything is possible. So I pretend that I have an unlimited budget and my production value is limitless. When I’m writing, I have access to any actor, composer, and performer that I want.


Once I’ve convinced my psyche that anything goes, I compile a soundtrack of musical talent that I could never afford. I find songs in my library that inspire me and match the themes of my movie and I create a soundtrack for the first cut of my film, the script. I use these playlists to push me along during the writing process and keep me motivated. The soundtracks help remind me of my dramatic beats, themes, principle ideas and most importantly, the emotional arc of my story. The score is usually much longer than my films but that is because creating is more intensive than viewing.

The following link leads to one of the playlists I used during the scriptwriting process for Wrong Side Up.