Selections make the sequence, but the editor’s vision completes the narrative.” ~ hdm
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Henry McComas has been editing professional video and films for a decade. He started out splicing 16mm motion picture film together on a Steinbeck; graduated to linear editing video stations; then became an early adopter of digital nonlinear editing workflow with the Media 100, Final Cut Pro studio and Avid.

He is fluent in every contemporary program including, but not limited to, Adobe Premier and the Creative Suite, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro 7 and FCPX. His state of the art Apple studio can handle nearly any file type and format making HD and 4K production easy to work with.

Henry’s past work includes: TV commercials; promotional spots; corporate videos; viral videos; films; documentaries; live performances, and music videos. He is happy to work with you on any of these types of productions, and is always open to new ideas.

Meet Me There Episode 1: Who is DJ Duckworth?

Penny Arcade (PAX) MSHSO 15 second Game World Spot.