Henry and Natalie’s Fire Sale (of Epic Proportions)

Henry and Natalie’s Fire Sale (of Epic proportions)
Saturday: 04-23-2011
Where: My House
Who’s invited: Friends and family

Natalie the Student

I have some very exciting news to share with you. In July Natalie and I will be moving to Denver, Colorado. We recently heard that Natalie has been accepted to Grad School at DU (Go Pioneers!).  This was a very last minute decision that was put on hold as I waited to hear about future employment opportunities in WA.  When nothing could be confirmed, we worked hard to push Natalie through the application process. Natalie has become a professional college app builder because not only did she complete hers in the nick of time, but she also simultaneously helped her brother complete his college applications! Pop some bottles and clink some glasses because they both got into their schools of choice.

Hdilla On a Deck Bar

But Henry? Denver? You? I am very excited to dive back into my creative mediums with a new setting to support my future projects. Denver’s waypoint puts me right next to STARZ headquarters, the STARZ Film Festival and makes us next door neighbors to SUNDANCE. Plus, who could be mad at 300 days of sunshine? I read somewhere that because of trashy hollywood templates and remakes cable has become the custodian of “good niche entities” – HBO, Showtime and AMC discovered a business model that satisfies the consumer’s need for long-form drama. I think this opens doors to studios like STARZ, Epix and FX that want to add to the cable standup. Cameron said the future of filmmaking is in high frame rates; I say the future of film is in your box, dish, tivo, palm and web browser.

Beer and Wings

Last week we explored the Denver campus and fell in love with the bars, the warmth, the walking loops, the people and the skiing. This brings me to my next bit of information (what’s a conversation with Henry without a little business?).  Next Saturday 04-23-2011 at 3:30PM I would like to see everyone who is anyone at our house for the: “Get Us Out Of Here” Fire Sale! The Fire Sale is preparation for our move. We plan to leave Seattle with more cash than belongings which means everything MUST go except for the things that I can’t part with…but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. No, I’m not selling my office gear: cameras, computers, etc. But, yes, I am selling my…EPIC DVD collection. Each DVD is yours with five dollar donations or higher. There’s so much more too, books, furniture, things! Lots of things! Come buy our things!!! Bring your cash money, I’ll bring some beer and BBQ some Brats and mo’fuggin’ corn and we’ll set this party off right.

Be there!

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  1. Naing says:

    – Donald Chapell Holy cow Dawn, that turned out wnerodfully. 😉 Carol Yosco Harding It was truly remarkable watching Dawn in action. She has such a gift. Blake Edwards In Tune ! Looks great Dawn Mary Tayne You can count his little toes! Nicole Donald, you have such a lovely family. I enjoyed meeting all of you. Give Braydon a kiss from me. Stacy Smith Fiening The picture of Braydon on that soccer ball is precious. Braydon is so cute. Lori Johnson Awesome! Emily Williams Ruesch The pictures are so friggin cute! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Sarah Chapell These are AMAZING!!!!!!! Dee Dee Smith The pictures are *amazing*!! wow! He is precious. Mary Tayne Smiling dreaming little baby dreams Tara Salerno Awesome work as always!Nicole Harding Chapell Dawn you got the shot and I’m floored! I’m already trying to figure out which packages we want to order and we haven’t seen the rest of them yet.

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