Wrong Side Up Location Announcement #1

Welcome to the Como Schoolhouse. If our protagonist Mac isn’t working in the fields or at his job manning an outdoor theater, he’s at the schoolhouse with his nose in the books.

History Colorado has been a great asset in this production and they did a phenomenal job bringing together our movie and this location. Como school operated as a public educational facility from 1883 through 1948. In addition to the grade school is a small building that was moved to the school grounds during the early 1930s to serve as a high school. The complex includes two outhouses and a small storage shed. After closing as a school, the Como Civic Association acquired the property and it remains in use as a community center.

We feel so fortunate that we get to shoot in such a treasured historic location and can’t wait to see this setting light up on the screen.  Thanks History Colorado!

Como high school-1 Como high school-2 Como high school-3 Como high school-4 Como high school-5 Como high school-6 Como high school-7 Como high school-8 Como high school-9 Como high school-10 Como high school-11 Como high school-12 Como high school-13 Como high school-14 Como high school-16 Como high school

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