High Definition Colorado video production services combined with cutting edge technology and award winning creativity.

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I subscribe to vacations where no shirt and no shoes doesn’t mean no service.

Colorado video producer, Henry Darrow McComas is currently producing commercials at Portico by Exclusive Resorts in Denver, Colorado.


Film is in Colorado

He is on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Film and Video Association and serves as the Communications Committee Chairperson.

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Crooked Lake Productions Logo Animation 2012

Before moving to Denver in July of 2011 he was a Video Editor and Producer at The Amazing Society in Seattle, WA. He is also the founder and owner of Crooked Lake Productions, a Colorado video production company which he started in 2006.

A musician relates to his friends a vision that encompasses the most important events of his life.

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Crooked Lake Productions allows Henry to continue his creative, award-winning filmmaking work as a screenwriter, director and producer.

Emerald City’s nostalgic fishing scene

Ben and Grants TV Spot HD (VISUAL CUT)

His most famous production called Emerald City won a total of eight awards internationally and has lit the fire for future shorts.

After losing his job, Percy Shilling turns his uneventful life into a fantasy world by following the story from an abnormal audio book.

Pokémon TCGO: Trainer Challenge Video

Henry started his film education in his home state of Alaska and continued his education at the acclaimed New York Film Academy, the Art Institute of Seattle and most recently at the University of Washington.

TV Commercial for Point Hope’s Buduburam Jeans.

Everyone can choose which way to go.

His work includes the production of numerous short films, commercials, viral marketing campaigns, non-profit charity spots, music videos, webcomics and video game trailers.

A video about a swallowed soul and stolen motorcycle. Of course it is. What else do Demons do on their day off?

The 48 Hour Film Project was a wild and sleepless weekend where our team, Lake House, made a movie—wrote, shot, cut and scored it—in just 48 hours.